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Founded in 2009, Afrolehar LLC (AL) focus is to change the perception of Africa by providing business and program development consulting,  communications strategies, creative productions { Multimedia } and Diaspora Outreach. To provide scalable linkages, AL utilizes technology and creative strategies to move beyond circulation and harness the power of consumer reverberation. Working with associates and trusted partners, AL aims to provide comprehensive image building solutions to African Governments, and offers integrated marketing services to different stakeholders.

AL has also launched brands designed for action consumers, igniting the most positive experiences.

Are You Communicating Effectively?

creative-pharmacist-medical-brochuresThe PharmPsych Network provides unique services for professionals in the fields of health, education, and business. Let us help you communicate more effectively with your audience. Learn more at PharmPsych.NET […]

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Are You Consulting Effectively?

logo-5-300x150Are you consulting effectively? Medical Arts Alliance provides effective Pharmacy Consulting services to Long Term Care facilities. Our quality consulting yields thorough results.

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